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Cyber 5: The Growth of True Fit's Network

December 21, 2018

This year’s Cyber 5 holiday shopping period was a record breaking one for True Fit's network of fashion retailers. Many of retailers in our network expanded their sales periods from a few days to over a week, offering deals and promotions. Plus, with an increase in shoppers going online to make holiday purchases, our network of fashion retailers spent months preparing their websites, social strategies and infrastructure. Many retailers innovated to put their customers at the center of the shopping journey - whether it was offering discounts to loyalty shoppers or delivering personalized emails with content and offers specific to individual style preferences, retailers were committed to winning the Cyber 5 holiday shopping period.

This year we are excited to share some metrics that show the growth and strength of True Fit's network of fashion retailers. We saw 10.5 million daily True Fit users, a 60% year over year increase. That translated in to 2.7 million checkouts, which was a 85% increase over the same cyber 5 period for 2017.

Just as impressive were the adoption metrics that the True Fit consumer community drove. In just 5 days, we saw 2.2 million True Fit profiles created, a 76% increase over last year. Bottom line, we saw that True Fit users checked out 2x more than non-True Fit users, with non-True Fit user conversion rate at 12.6% and True Fit users with a 25.7% conversion rate.

In addition to the fact that our network fashion retailers continues to grow, we also saw the adoption of new features drive increased usage. This was a growth year for Shop for Others and the first year True Fit Kids was available for consumers. In fact, we saw a 480% increase in year over year usage of Shop for Others and 100,000+ users leverage True Fit Kids.

We are excited to be part of a community of retailers who are driving innovation and growth in an ever-changing market. To learn more about how you can take advantage of True Fit’s capabilities to help your consumers find and keep the clothes and shoes they will love, visit www.truefit.com.