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Drapers Features True Fit's Machine Learning Algorithms and Data Solutions

December 17, 2018

The use of improved technologies and increased data solutions are working to resolve the flaw within online retail—inaccurate product recommendations. The industry-wide demand for personalisation is beneficial for retailers and customers, as conversion rates increase and customers are recommended products that meet individual customer preferences. 

True Fit was recently featured in an article by leading business fashion publication, Drapers, for its specific machine-learning technologies and detailed data solutions. Returns rates are a big problem retailers are trying to tackle across the industry. According to the article, research by EY concludes that “76% of shoppers return clothes because of sizing, and these high return rates are thought to cost UK retailers an estimated £60 bn a year.”

The article was written after a recent Drapers Consumer Report found that shoppers have an increasingly positive attitude towards personalisation technologies. This upward trend indicates shoppers increased understanding of the benefits to using these solutions. True Fit’s abilities as a personalisation platform help improve all points of the customer journey so recommendations ensure customers can find products they will not only love, but ultimately keep.

According to the report, “One-fifth of consumers across all age groups, and nearly a third of shoppers aged 18 to 24, are happy to share their measurements with brands, suggesting a growing number of shoppers understand the benefit of doing so.”

The growth and transition of augmented reality technologies in recent years has transformed the industry. While there is no perfect solution to amend the preferences of every unique customer, there has been significant progress and industry drive towards a cohesive solution.

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