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12 Days of Consumer Experience: Increase Confidence With Behavioral Pop-Up Integration


Think you know all of the benefits of True Fit? Follow along the 12 Days of Consumer Experience blog series this month, where we’ll highlight a different benefit that you can use to optimize your consumer’s shopping experience this holiday season. 


The holiday season means two things for retail—high sales and high returns. In order to curb high returns and increase consumer satisfaction, retailers should work to better understand specific consumer behaviors in order to improve the overall shopping experience. 

Size sampling is a consumer behavior where the consumer purchases the same product in multiple sizes with the intent of returning one, or all, of the products. This consumer behavior is most common in instances where the consumer is unsure of a brand’s size chart or how their products fit. 

In order to increase consumer confidence and ultimately reduce instances of size sampling, True Fit’s integration includes a Size Sampling Pop-Up that recommends the best style, fit and size for the individual consumer's preferences. These technologies reduce the chance a consumer will size sample and will increase the likelihood that the products they purchase are ones that they will love and keep.

Size Sampling Behavioral Integration


The Size Sampling Behavioral Integration triggers a True Fit pop up when a consumer adds two sizes of the same style to their cart. This behavior informs True Fit that a consumer may need sizing help. 

The True Fit pop up asks if the consumer would like to try True Fit to find their perfect size. From here, the pop up leads the consumer to the True Fit registration so that they can complete registration and instead of purchasing two sizes, buy the one that will fit best. Outdoor recreation retailer, Moosejaw, used this feature and saw a 34% decline in size samplers.

The behavioral integration also drives adoption of True Fit so that retailers can offer size guidance to a broader percentage of their consumers.

In doing so, consumers will feel more confident in their purchases and the likelihood they will purchase the same product in multiple sizes or deal with returns is significantly diminished.

Want to learn about other True Fit features? Be sure to follow along this month as we highlight a new feature each day.

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