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Old Navy, Levi’s and Ann Taylor Named Favorite Fitting Among Shoppers Across Generations


Over the last several months, True Fit’s Analytics team analyzed data from 18,933,548 users from 30+ countries in order to highlight consumer behaviors when asked to think about their favorite fitting brands

When analyzing these consumer behaviors , interesting patterns emerge that can help you and your brand better understand exactly who your consumer is, in order to optimize each online shopping experience.

Favorite Fitting Brands
Change with Age

Understanding patterns of age paired with data about personal preference can guide your marketing to better target products and campaigns towards the right consumers at the right time.  

Some of the interesting findings include:

  • Brands like The Gap, Inc. and Ann Inc. are consistently cited as favorite fitting brands by consumers across all age brackets.

  • However, as consumers age we find younger consumers tend to have greater brand affinity, when it comes to fit, for the same five brands, whereas consumers 35+ have a more varied brand affinity.

  • Consumers aged 35+ tend to have greater fit-related brand affinity at a higher price point.

Brands that understand shopper preferences and behaviors within their environment can serve their shoppers a personalized experience. Insights across age brackets also enables your brand to gain an understanding of consumer behavior outside of your own brand. 


Menswear shoppers aged 25-34 in the US might purchase GAP, Old Navy and J. Crew while menswear shoppers aged 25-34 in the UK might purchase GANT or Ted Baker at much higher price points. This regional change is due to differences in brands offered from region to region but also can reveal that tailored and formal dress is trendier in one region over another.


Access to insights on consumer behavior offers retailers a look into consumer brand preference by category, age, distribution, region and price point. 

Understanding preferences of shoppers more broadly and outside the scope of their environment can generate new and exciting opportunities in an emerging market, within a new customer group, in a new category or size range or within a new distribution channel or price point.

Are you looking to gain insights on other brands most cited by consumers as their favorite fitting? DOWNLOAD the full consumer behaviors report today to see which brands consumers cite as their favorite fit across age brackets, product categories, locale and more.