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Bring the Customer into Focus this Year with True Insight

January 7, 2019

The fashion retail industry has undergone extensive shifts over the past decade and at True Fit we expect retail to continue to transform. In 2019 we're looking forward to helping retailers harness greater access to data and analytics that brings the customer into focus. Consumers have instant access to inspiration through social and digital content. Their attitudes, values and lifestyle aspirations drive consumption, where in the past, income and age were thought to be prime factors driving purchase behavior.

While data creates opportunities for retailers, connecting that data so to make it actionable is a - sometimes overwhelming - challenge. True Fit’s data set, the Fashion Genome, maps retail data to individualized consumer data and manufacturing data, to decode the best style, fit and size for every body.

This data set acts as the foundation for brands and retailers to look at their business from a number of different angles. The recently launched True Insight allows retailers to analyze their business through several angles but in one aggregated view, including who the customer actually is, how they are shopping and their response to a product offering.

The Customer


Carving out a strategy can often mean that the retailer is finding its voice. What demographic responds to a campaign with an edgy voice? What demographic is responding to a campaign that is designed around social responsibility? True Fit’s True Insight dashboards help retailers identify who their customer is in real time, across regions and through which channels. They can identify who the customer is that shops directly at the retailer site or who shops their brand at a department store. They can also identify brand, price and category affinities of their shoppers.

The Offering


Retailers that are keeping up with the changing landscape are putting the customer at the center of their planning, but we know that without product, there is no customer. True Insight connects the 360-degree view of the customer with how they are responding to the products that are presented to them. Retailers can gather data about the attributes that are driving product purchases among their customers, indicating what trends are most popular across the industry. What is truly unique is that product development can quickly understand if the fit of a new product is in line with the expectation customers have for their brand’s products. This gives the designer the ability to act quickly if the fit is not quite right on a new product or with a new colorway or fabric composition.

To learn more about True Insight and the value it can bring to your team join us at NRF, either at booth 1225 at NRF or on Sunday, January 13th from 3:15 - 3:45 as our Director of Brand Relations, Sarah Hodge, and Sean Condon, Head of Digital Commerce at ASICS America talk through the pursuit of true 1-to-1 personalization with True Insight on stage 4, EXPO Hall, Level 1.