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NRF 2019: Deborah Weinswig Provides Key Insights on Artificial Intelligence in 2019

January 15, 2019

The Founder and CEO of Coresight Research, Deborah Weinswig led a panel discussion at NRF 2019 titled “The Artificial Intelligence Revolution is Here.” Weinswig opened with her own insights on this growing trend and what this means for companies across the retail sector. Weinswig effectively describes the concept as “AI is giving a computer a brain.”

The key benefits of artificial intelligence were explained through the acronym ‘CORE’:
Rationalized Inventory
Experiential Retail
This acronym effectively positions artificial intelligence as underlying all aspects of the retail ecosystem. Moving into 2019, Weinswig offered a ‘Need to Know’ for the continued artificial intelligence revlolution. Artificial Intelligence will secure itself as retailers ‘Go-To’ technology, artificial intelligence will strip friction from brick and mortar retail and more consumers will expect ‘Smart Retail’ interactions.

Recently, True Fit partnered with conversational commerce platform, Snaps, to bring personalization to AI- powered chat bots, and was demoed at NRF 2019. To learn more about how the partnership, visit here