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NRF 2019: Jeff Gennette Discusses the Importance of the Overall Customer Experience

January 15, 2019

Jeff Gennette, CEO and Chairman at Macy’s, led the panel discussion “Reimagining the customer journey through the lens of experience” to discuss how creating a more dynamic customer journey has lasting results.
Gennette said, “Every retailer needs to be maniacally focused on the customer.” In order to do so, personalization must be the priority, and learning to individualize the customer’s overall shopping journey is essential. Macy’s has long been at the forefront of this revolution, as Gartner L2 applauded their innovation efforts by naming them a "Digital Genius" a few months ago.

Alongside Gennette were panel members who are revolutionizing the shopping experience by providing customers with unique assets to improve the shopper's entire journey. Brand Experience Officer at Macy's and Founder of STORY, Rachel Scechtman shared her experiences in creating a store centered around experience rather than simply selling products. STORY is a retail space in New York City that centers around a constantly changing theme. With the mantra 'Re-Inventing Retail', STORY provides customers with a unique shopping experience each time they enter the store.
When retailers understand the individual wants and needs of their customers, friction is reduced and customers become more engaged in simplifying their shopping experience. To learn more about how to meet the indivdual needs of your apparel and footwear customers, visit here.