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NRF 2019: Sara Castellanos Provides a Look into Walmart's Technology Leaders

January 18, 2019

Walmart has made considerable changes to its in-store technology in recent years to help provide customers with more individualized experiences. Sara Castellanos of The Wall Street Journal spoke with Walmart’s Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Jeremy King, to break down the key decisions made by Walmart’s technology leaders.


Castellanos brought attention to Walmart’s spending in software, technology and digital, and how it correlates to their focus on the personalizing the customer’s experience. In 2018, Walmart spent $11.8 billion on IT services.

According to King, “It is no longer acceptable to have a non-digital experience.” This is unsurprising for those across all sectors of the retail industry, as customer expectations have continued to skyrocket in recent years. However, Walmart diversifies itself for its ability to bring digital to all aspects of the customers shopping experience.

Many algorithms used across all facets of the retail industry were developed over 30 years ago, yet are being repurposed through the recent influx of customer data. Walmart has implemented virtual reality training in 200 training academies nationwide, to help support its technology enabled stores.

King said “Doing it is the easy part, choosing the technology is the challenge.”

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