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The Future Looks Bot-Filled and Bright

July 7, 2017

Chatbots - they're a hot topic with retailers right now, and many are building strategies to incorporate voice or text commands into the customer experience. Sanjit Dang, of Intel Capital, recently published an article in VentureBeat about the current chatbots market and where it's going, called "What's really happening right now with chatbots".

Dang makes the point that "the growth of chatbots has two important implications. First, it will fuel a rising demand for artificial-intelligence software (AI) to make businesses bot-friendly. Second, it will create a standardized and low-data approach to reach markets still challenged by connectivity speeds."

He says "if the potential of chatbots feels familiar, it should." The goal of chatbots at this time is to "ease the process of buying and selling" which was "he same promise that fueled the rapid expansion of email, text messages, and today’s mobile apps."

But, "what sets chatbots apart is a layer of deepening intelligence, one that can get people what they need with a few spoken or typed words. This intelligence is the reason businesses of all stripes will start deploying bots rapidly." 

True Fit is cited as a company using AI already to help consumers make better footwear and apparel purchasing decisions. Dang says "[True Fit] uses algorithms to learn why customers of certain body types buy and return clothing, so retailers can provide personalized and highly accurate size recommendations. Imagine taking a photo of a shirt, sending it in a simple text message to a bot, and getting recommendations of three different brands — all guaranteed to fit."

Imagine the world of online shopping paired with the best data to fuel AI. To learn more about what True Fit is doing to shape the future of retail, making experiences true to you, watch this.