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Introducing #TrueToYou

truetoyoupic.jpgThere are hints about who you are in everything you wear. Each shoe and every piece of clothing simply becomes a letter in the alphabet of your true expression. True Fit has built the technology to make fashion easy, personal, and yours—so that you can spend your time just being true.

True Fit’s mission is rooted in assisting customers in more ways than providing accurate fit recommendations.  We believe fashion conveys confidence as a part of how you dress and the value of self-expression. We recognize the importance of details to the individual shopper.

True Fit is consistently working to improve customer's online shopping experiences by enabling a fully personalized e-commerce shopping experience. We understand how finding the right product can positively impact a customer's overall experience.  In order to highlight how clothes can provide more than just good style, we are launching a campaign, #TrueToYou to effectively showcase socialites who embody the qualities we hold as a company.
Click below to learn more about True Fit’s mission behind the  #TrueToYou campaign:

Bozoma Saint John
A prominent socialite who embodies True Fit's #TrueToYou mission is Bozoma Saint John. Often pictured from head to toe in bright colors and prints, Bozoma has become a fashion icon in corporate America. She has been dubbed the “Queen on Silicon Valley,” and ranked number one as Silicon Valley’s best-dressed elite, for her bold office attire.
Aside from her distinct fashion sense, Saint John has become one of the top black, female executives in Silicon Valley. She recently became Chief Marketing Officer at Endeavor.

Previously, Saint John held an Executive Marketing position at Beats/Apple Music, as well as PepsiCo. Most recently, she worked as the Chief Branding Officer at Uber—tasked at saving the company's image after a detrimental year of corporate scandals and misconduct.
She describes the evolution of her style, and the revelation she had about office fashion in an interview with Vogue.
“You know, I remember the one time I tried to fit into the corporate dress code. If you can believe it, I wore khakis with creases down the front when I first started at Pepsi," said Saint John. “But I didn’t feel good, therefore my ideas weren’t good, and my personality couldn’t shine.”
Saint John’s passion for work and creating change is evident through interviews about her career. Much of her purpose and personal brand is centered around self-authenticity. Under the Instagram handle, @BadAssBoz, Saint John exemplifies the importance of self-expression and confidence. Between vacation posts with her daughter, La’el, and nights out with close friends, Bozoma is redefining expectations of female leaders in the industry.
“I say bring your whole self to work. This is the way I am. There’s no — I don’t know how to be anything else.”

In an article with The Cut, Saint John said, “I say bring your whole self to work. This is the way I am. There’s no — I don’t know how to be anything else.”
Fashion can say a lot about an individual’s personality, and the representation of one's true self. Stifling personal style in order to align with the expectations of corporate attire can discourage creativity and self-expression. Bozoma Saint John exemplifies how the workplace should not be a separate account of an individual, but rather an extension of one’s true self.
Click here to watch a video showcasing True Fit’s mission: