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Forbes: True Fit Positively Changing the Way Consumers Shop

June 20, 2018

With e-commerce on a steady rise, more retailers are buying into technologies that can help emulate the more personal in-store shopping experience. True Fit Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer, Jessica Murphy, recently spoke to Cheryl Robinson of Forbes to share the mission behind one of the top retail technology companies.

In the article, How This Retail Technology Platform Is Positively Changing The Way Consumers Shop, Jessica mentions how True Fit is not only changing the way people shop, but also helping to lead a transformation of the entire retail industry.  The way products are produced and customers shop will continuously improve, as more retailers look into personalization strategies.

In collaboration with the world’s leading apparel and footwear retailers and brands, True Fit currently holds the largest collection of personalization data with over 65 million users and 12,000 brands. This rich data platform helps retailers engange consumers and personalize throughout the virtuous lifecycle of the shopper journey. Earlier this year, the company closed Series C funding to assist in future innovations and product offerings that enable retailers and brands to compete and thrive in a challenging marketplace.

Though the company has seen tremendous success, the road here was not always smooth. Jessica shares how she, and co-founder Romney Evans, faced many hardships during the company's initial stages. Despite difficulties along the way, Jessica shared three main concepts that have remained with her through the ups and downs:
  • "Believe in what you’re going after; in yourself. Let your belief and your 'why' drive the opportunity.
  • Be flexible and nimble. The story isn’t going to unfold as perfectly as you have in your head and that’s ok.
  • Develop grit and perseverance. No matter what people say around you, it’s liberating to bust through obstacles and challenges. "
To read more about Jessica's story with Forbes, check it out here.