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Deepening Personalization Throughout the Shopper Journey: Zaius x True Fit

June 4, 2019

It feels like the buzz has been around personalization for years. For good reason, shoppers that engage with personalized recommendations spend 26% more during their visits. The aim for retailers and brands must be to create a compelling and memorable shopping experience – and personalization is that beacon of engagement.

Making deep personalization real and effective is often challenging. That’s why Zaius and True Fit are partnering to enrich the shopping experience with deep personalization, that draws on the entire view of customer and product data. With Zaius CRM as the hub of the customer engagement and the True Fit Personalization Platform providing a true to you experience, brands and retailers can provide 1-to-1 shopping experiences across marketing, commerce and into service.

‘The new battleground for retailers is competing on service, and that means creating authentic and personalized moments throughout the shopper journey. We’re thrilled to work with True Fit to deliver the true to you experience. – Rick Kenney, VP, Industry Strategy, Zaius

Zaius unifies customer data from all sources - commerce, marketing, service, loyalty and more – and assists marketers in designing and delivering relevant engagements at every stage of the shopper journey. As the industry’s first B2C CRM, Zaius combines a comprehensive view of the shopper and lifecycle of a CDP, with the engagement engine of a next-gen ESP. This process infuses predictive intelligence to assist marketers throughout the platform.

The partnership between True Fit and Zaius grants retailers access into key customer and product data, by combining True Fit data with Zaius data. In doing so, they are able to personalize at scale and provide uniquely one-to-one personalized shopping experiences. The True Fit and Zaius partnership allows retailers to infuse relevance into their marketing messages. This also allows retailers to sync with social platforms for precise targeting.

True Fit’s True Partner Program launched last year to broaden the ecosystem of technology partnerships that infuse data and intelligence from True Fit’s Personalization Platform. These partnerships take form across various channels  for retailers to ensure a fully comprehensive shopping experience in store and online. With more than 30 partners and growing, True Fit is working with our True Partners to power highly personalized, one-to-one experiences that will improve customer loyalty, life-time value, and confidence for the customer.

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