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Digital Fashion Summit 2019: Key Takeaways

Digital Fashion Summit 2019 was a success! Our True Fit team in Germany met with top fashion retailers in Frankfurt to discuss the new trends in digital personalization. Lars Rabe, Managing Director, EMEA opened the day with a keynote speech called “Why Retailers Find it Difficult to Meet Consumers' Growing Expectations.” Caroline Carlqvist, Lead Project Management Office, Digital Experience at Zalando talked about the importance of personal consultation into the digital world. 

Understanding the Individual vs. the Masses

Even with the widespread availability of data and insights, many retailers still fail to deliver the experience or products their consumers expect.

"Often we only have a blurred picture of the consumer," says Rabe.

Many retailers do not fully optimize the uses of the data they have, which complicates their ability to address consumers in a way that fits them perfectly. Understanding who the consumer is, what style he's wearing, and what he's up to, is where many retailers fall short. Data on shopper behaviors, preferences, and lifestyle habits can help retailers drive more precise decision-making and execution processes.

"We have teams that only work on size and fit because we have realized that consumers want to be sure that the size they order is right,” said Carlqvist.

When retailers recognize discrepancies between a product’s details and the consumer’s individual preferences, they can use this data to outline a more comprehensive view of their shoppers. This breeds better production and marketing processes, so brands know when to make necessary changes.

Using Data from Target Audience to Drive Production

Retailers can create products for their actual target audience by incorporating data into the design and production stages. This helps retailers design products with greater accuracy, since decisions are made using data.

Roland Schuler, Director of Technical Product Management at Peek & Cloppenburg, Dusseldorf, a subsidiary of International Brands Company said, "If we develop products, we need to know who we are developing them for, otherwise we will develop wrong."

In order to accurately design products with the target audience in mind, retailers must collect consumer data across all aspects of the shopping journey.

"We analyze the lifestyle of the consumers that we want to address with the product, which means that we automatically make adjustments with regard to body measurements etc. via computer programs. In the meantime, we can design in 24 hours, adapt it and then put it into production, which used to take 24 weeks to send samples back and forth," said Schuler.

Better planning breeds better production, especially through the use of key consumer and product data that companies already have available to them.

Linking the E-commerce Experience with Traditional Brick-and-Mortar

Retailers are working to deliver seamless shopping experiences to consumers across all touchpoints.
Rien Jansen, Managing Director, Purchasing, Marketing and Retail at Bonprix said, "People do not want to look for things forever, they do not want to walk around the store to find another size, or end up in a cash register queue forever.”

Consumers are now actively shopping through smartphones, which has revolutionized the business model yet again. The retailer realizes that there are very few consumers who are only shopping through one channel.
As a result, Bonprix points of sale are all linked. Consumer data from catalog, e-commerce, mobile, retail, social media, and call center all run through a central database.
Connecting all points of sale ensures shoppers receive the same personalized shopping experiences across all of their interactions with a particular brand. Consistency is key in providing truly 1-to-1 personalization.  

Click here to learn how your brand can gain comprehensive views of consumers that bring personalization to all touchpoints of the shopping journey.