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Do brands fit men and women differently?

Is your brand looking for insights on your shoppers and their preferences? We’ve analyzed data from nearly 20,000,000 consumers from over 30 countries to understand which brands they say provide their favorite fit

Some interesting findings show trends in consumer behavior based on age, price point, locale and much more. An additional area of interest is differences in consumer behaviors between men and women: Do men and women think the same brands fit them best? 

Favorite Fitting Brands for Men and Women

Shoppers who identify as women across all age ranges chose Old Navy, American Eagle, H&M, LOFT and Forever 21 as their favorite fitting brands. Women shoppers primarily chose brands that focus primarily or exclusively on women’s fashion. Brands at the top of the list have a heavy focus on women’s clothing across all categories, such as tops, denim, dresses, shoes and accessories.

The top men’s favorite fitting brands, overall, include Levi’s, Nike, POLO Ralph Lauren,  Under Armour and Carhartt. Notice an interesting distinction with brands that men identified as their favorite fitting brand -  they are primarily men’s specialty and performance wear brands, and are more limited in categories compared to the women’s favorite fitting brands. 

Another notable distinction between men’s and women’s preferences is favorite fitting brands show the greatest differences across locales. Women’s US, UK and EU shoppers show vastly different favorite fitting brands, whereas men’s shoppers across all locales tend to reference the same brands as their favorite fit.

This difference is beneficial for retailers for insights into how they may need to shift their promotion and marketing efforts across locales to appeal to new demographics. 

Use Case: Brands that understand their shopper's preferences and behaviors within their environment can serve those shoppers a personalized experience. When brands understand where else their consumers shop outside of the scope of their environment, they can generate new and exciting opportunities that directly align with consumer expectations.

Why This Is Important to Retailers’ Business Intelligence

Knowing where else your shoppers tend to shop, whether at retailers with similar price points or different, similar styles or different, can help you understand the types of products and the price-point at which your shoppers are willing to spend. 

Looking at favorite fitting brands can also help enhance production processes, as men’s favorite fitting brands indicate that the majority of shoppers prefer the way performance-wear brands fit rather than other categories. 

Understanding these differences is especially important for retailers who sell to both men and women as they are able to understand areas to increase promotional efforts and how they can introduce products in a category that their consumers are likely to purchase.

Are you looking to gain insights on other brands most cited by consumers as their favorite fitting? DOWNLOAD the full consumer behaviors report today to see which brands consumers cite as their favorite fit across age brackets, product categories, locale and more.