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Drapers Digital Festival: Power Talk Recap

May 2, 2018

Last Thursday, Drapers held their annual Drapers Digital Festival in London, bringing the digital, fashion and ecommerce community together for a day of power talks and panels, and a night of industry recognition and dancing.
True Fit’s CEO, William R. Adler, took to the stage in the morning to talk to the fashion industry about transforming digital consumer engagement. How? As reported through Drapers Online here, through “extensive use of data to help provide consumers with bespoke shopping options based on a set of personal preferences.”

“Fashion leaders and consumers want personal experiences, and this is the same online. It has happened with books and movies and music. We are looking to do this in footwear and apparel, and are on our way.”

Like Spotify and Pandora have done for music, Bill explained the breakdown of attributes in fashion. “The attributes could be colour, fabrics or closures. The people at Spotify figured out the attributes that people cared about.” Turning those attributes into recommendations – be it style, fit, etc., is the future of personalisation.
He went on to talk about the flawed system of recommendations based on a crowds and averages (as seen in The Flaw of Averages) and the importance of delivering recommendations based on a data-driven, 1-1 personalised approach, noting that “We have fallen into this trap in that most size charts are generalised experiences.”
For more information about The Flaw of Averages, and insight into delivering true 1:1 personalised experiences, download the study here.