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Engaging Customers through Innovation: Drapers Panel and Awards Recap

May 3, 2018

Yesterday we highlighted our CEO’s Power Talk at Drapers Digital Festival, where the subject was breaking through this system of “customer averages” in order to give true 1:1 personalisation to consumers. Our Managing Director of Europe, Lars Rabe, also spoke on a panel at Drapers Digital Festival about engaging customers through innovation, with other retail thought leaders including Sally-Anne Newson, Customer Experience and Digital Product Director at Shop Direct, Alixandra Burn, Head of Digital at Warehouse, and Rob Massa, General Manager of EMEA at BounceX.
A full recap of the panel can be found here, but the main takeaways that the panel agreed on as guidance for the retail industry are:
  1. Get to know your customer! “Newson [said] ‘One of the most important factors for innovation is to ensure that you are close to your customer to really understand what they want.”
  2. Use technology and digital innovation with a pinch of salt – one size does not fit all. “Rabe said ‘AI is not the win-all for the fashion industry. While it can be a real commodity, at the end of the day, the quality of the data fed into the machine is paramount to its applicability and success for your business, and that is a problem across the sector.”
  3. Do not swear off ventures if they are not immediately successful. “Burn said: ‘When you are testing and things do fail, you need to keep reiterating. It is often easy to make changes when products and initiatives have failed fast as opposed to the rather painful period of figuring out if something was successful or not.”
  4. Integrate, integrate, integrate. “Rabe said ‘It is fundamental to integrate digital platforms with in-store activity: the online activity of the consumer to the in-store sales assistant. When the store staff can drive in-store sales based upon digital recommendations of requirements, preferences and size, business starts to become quite interesting.”
  5. Evolution at pace and scalability. Massa said “Working to scale is crucial. It is important to think in considering innovation: can you scale and by how much?”
Later in the evening, True Fit co-founders Jessica Murphy and Romney Evans each awarded retailers for their strides in innovation. La Perla was awarded Best Use of Innovation and Missguided won the award for Best Multichanel Retailer over £200m Turnover (their 3rd win of the night!). Congrats to La Perla and Missguided, and all of the other winners at Drapers Digital Awards! Check out some photos of the True Fit team plus friends and family below.
True Fit Co-Founder Jessica Murphy awards Missguided with the Drapers Award for Best Multichannel Retailer over £200m Turnover
True Fit Co-Founder Jessica Murphy awards Missguided with the Drapers Award for Best Multichannel Retailer over £200m Turnover

41735491111_14ce285738_k.jpgTrue Fit Co-Founder Romney Evan awards La Perla with the Drapers Award for Best Use of Innovation