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The Difference is in the Data: An Interview with Lars Rabe

May 21, 2018

“At True Fit we are trying to solve a very specific problem for a very specific industry.” True Fit’s European Managing Director Lars Rabe spoke with David Roth at the World Retail Congress 2018 about how True Fit’s database, powered with hundreds of millions of attributes on both the garment side and the user side has the power to change the future of the industry.

Better Data. Better Recommendations.

It’s no secret that product returns are most often associated with a size- or style-related fit issue. A powerful collection of data points from 11,000 fashion brands gives True Fit the power to create data insights that prevent these unsatisfactory – and costly – online shopping experiences. “When you recommend the right product in the right size and the right style to the right individual, what happens?” asks Rabe. “The person is more likely to buy the product and stick with the brand. You can actually reduce your return rate.” 

“Fit is something that’s really personal, really individual. You either like a loose fit or a more skinny fit – and with this knowledge, you can reduce the return rate 30–50%.”

– Lars Rabe, True Fit Managing Director Europe 

Beyond-Basic AI

Automating the discovery and shopping experience in online apparel and footwear retail is no simple feat. Quality and thoughtfulness make the difference in data that really tells the story of what a customer wants and needs. “Artificial intelligence is a very hyped term these days,” says Rabe. “We have data scientists from Harvard and MIT trying to take the AI machinery out there, fine tune it, and the most importantly: really understand how to best connect that mass data to AI to make it work.”

“We are the connective tissue between the user, the company and all these technologies out there, because what these technologies are lacking is the right set of data. It is not normalized. There is no standard. We will play a crucial role in normalizing the data and creating the standard.”
– Lars Rabe, True Fit Managing Director Europe 


Watch Lars’ ‘In Retail Conversation’ interview in its entirety.