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Drapers Digital Festival: How to Personalise Every Touch Point of the Customer Journey

May 8, 2019

Are you looking to provide your customers with a uniquely personalised shopping experience? If you are attending Drapers Digital Festival on May 15th, join us as Lars Rabe, Managing Director EMEA, True Fit, will keynote the conference by discussing the power that true one-to-one personalisation has across the customer journey.

Consumers today expect to receive personalised shopping experiences more than ever before. But what does that mean to the consumer? It means powering relevant  experiences for every shopper wherever & whenever they are interacting with your brand.

Relying on a system of averages to supply these individualised experiences is not acceptable, as these references have been proven insufficient and inaccurate. Mapping data from a consumer’s preference, footwear and apparel products, and the behavior of over 100 million registered shoppers allows retailers to provide customers with uniquely personalised recommendations for products based on their  fit, style, and size preferences. In doing so, retailers can anticipate increased conversion, reduced return rates and overall customer satisfaction.

Claim your spot at the personalisation power talk at 11:05AM at Drapers Digital Festival to learn more about how your brand can optimize the consumer’s journey through personalisation.