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How Lane Bryant is Leveraging Partnerships to Drive Personalization

Market leading plus sized retailer, Lane Bryant, is prioritizing consumer shopping journeys by connecting its ecosystem of technology partners to deliver 1 : 1 shopping experiences. By leveraging different technology companies from the True Partners program, Lane Bryant offers every consumer individually curated style and size recommendations across all touch points so that shopper is easy and fun.

Lane Bryant discussed these partnerships during the latest installment of our True Partners Webinar series, where the brand highlighted its partnerships with Snaps and Bluecore. The webinar focused on the power these partnerships have in facilitating the consumer’s  shopping experience and retailer’s ability to better understand their consumers wants and needs.

Empowered Consumers

Lane Bryant has consistently remained rooted in its mission to show that style goes beyond size, and the possibilities with fashion are endless. They believe that boundaries are meant to be pushed, and risks are meant to be taken when choosing clothes that are representative of unique style, size, and fit preferences.

The brand partnered with True Fit in 2017, before launching their Bra Finder initiative in mid-2018. This partnership was created in order to facilitate an often difficult and frustrating task— shopping for the perfect bra. To date, Lane Bryant’s Cacique intimates line has sold more than 150 million bras for women of all sizes.

Ramesh Ayyagari, Manager of Digital Product Management & Strategy of Lane Bryant, explained the brand’s goals for 2019, which include optimizing a partner technology ecosystem, and focusing on 1 : 1 shopping experiences instead of 1 : many.

“We make sure fashion is for every woman, regardless of size,” said Ayyagari.

Lane Bryant’s partnerships with Snaps and Bluecore have helped make these goals feasible by powering relevant and innovative experiences for their consumers, turning browsers into loyal buyers.

Improved Communication

The partnership with Snaps has enabled Lane Bryant’s to expand the consumer’s ecommerce experience with one on one chat services, available 24/7. True Fit’s data is infused into the process, enabling Lane Bryant to recommend the best styles in terms of fit and size for each consumer.

“When we think about designing experiences for our customers, we typically start with the customer journey in mind and work to map on where our customer is trying to optimize” said Christian Crucculeri, Chief Executive Officer of Snaps.

The implementation with Facebook messenger helps consumers  determine which size is best for their individual body and preferences.  

Personalized Marketing

Bluecore allows retailers to target consumers with effective marketing so that they receive relevant product recommendations that fit their preferences.

“Bluecore unifies real-time product, customer, and behavioral data and builds relationships between them to power unique experiences like triggers with content that’s personalized to each individual. The same retail foundation then enables us to scale to any number of personalization use cases, including bringing in data from partners for powering omni-channel experiences, or bringing in data from partners, like True Fit, to power content-specific recommendation use cases,” said Pratik Bhadra, Head of Product at Bluecore.

Lane Bryant’s relationship with True Partners has supported its mission to make fashion personal while simplifying ecommerce shopping for all of its unique consumers.

For more information, listen to the full webinar here.