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Tech Sells: The Future of Integrated In-Store Retailing

November 15, 2017

Technology has the power to change the way we incentivize customers, how fitting rooms are optimized and the ways we approach clienteling. Integrated digital/physical/mobile retail has the ability to influence purchases while increasing consumer confidence, engagement and loyalty – and to create a new level of satisfaction in the shopping experience.


Let's Make A Deal
While personalization is key, customers consider discounts “very or extremely influential in determining where [to] shop.” Retailers use in-store beacons to transmit discount offers to the phones of shoppers who walk through the door. Targeting discounts to known customers creates a valuable, impactful leveraging of tech during the physical retail experience. Shoppers are incentivized to visit, and complete their webroom to showroom prospecting cycle

“82% of smartphone users say they consult their phones on purchases they're about to make in a store. They get ideas, look up information, and make decisions, all from their smartphone anytime, anywhere.” – Think with Google 

Mirror Mirror
Consumers who have a positive fit-related experience are 81% more likely develop brand loyalty and to make additional purchases. “Magic mirrors” double as tablets in fitting rooms, allowing customers to experience potential purchases in different lighting, connect with social networks for recommendations and advice, and to communicate with sales associates. 

True Life Example: The Intel 3D Foot Scanner
In footwear retailers across the country, Intel scanning technology builds exact 3D models of each customer’s foot. The measurements are used to match with footwear data from the True Fit Genome, combined with personalized data that guides customized product recommendations in-store. This data can then be integrated into consumers’ digital True Fit profiles, and used to enhance future online shopping experiences.


well-rounded Omnichannel strategy is a multi-tiered approach. Retailers begin by creating brick-and-mortar and online retail symbiosis to bring customers in; then integrate personalized retail for increased shoppability; and finally, leverage the power of technology to create new shopping experiences.

Learn more about how True Fit can help foster the right kind of Omnichannel strategy, in store and online.