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Build More Comprehensive Customer Profiles and Smarter Marketing Campaigns with True 360

True Fit recently launched True 360— a new product that gives the power of customer data to retailers. For years, there has been an industry shift in placing the customer at the center of the shopping journey. However, as many brands and retailers can understand, this process has been easier said than done.  Retailers often lack the data to actually place their customer front and center. True 360 puts valuable data points into retailer’s hands so that they can develop a better understanding of their shoppers and curate true 1-to-1 experiences across ecommerce, in-store and service channels.


True 360 is powered by the Fashion Genome’s robust set of data from millions of consumers and styles from nearly seventeen thousand brands. Retailers receive a copy of key data points from shoppers registered on their site including:

  • Shopper ID

  • Demographic and body information: age, height, weight, body details

  • Closet items & sizes: the items that shoppers enter as their best fitting pieces in True Fit’s registration

  • Affinity brands: other brands that shoppers are likely to buy

  • Personalized recommendations across categories: the top 25 items for each individual by category


Retailers copy this data in to their CRM, or where ever they store shopper profile data, and set it to auto update on a regular basis. From here, personalized experiences can be created by pulling the latest recommendations for each individual shopper. For example, retailers could set up an API call to the True 360 data in their CRM to populate personalized style and fit recommendations for each unique shopper in advertising, email campaigns or even on site.  


True 360 goes beyond typical digital use cases, because retailers can also utilize its data for call centers or in store applications so that service associates can help shoppers find the right items for their individual preferences.  By exposing a deeper layer of shopper and product information to associates, they can provide intelligent guidance without years of experience or training.

The implementation of True 360 enables a multilateral understanding of each individual customer, and ensures they receive comprehensive service across all points of the shopping journey.

For more details about True 360, visit here.


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