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True Fit’s Cyber 5 Recap: 85M True Fit Profiles, Major Retailer Growth and Black Friday Defeats Cyber Monday

November 27, 2018

Another year, another record-high Cyber 5 period - congratulations to our retailers! We are so proud of the growth that our retailers saw during this year’s “Cyber 5” period, or the shopping frenzy from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday.

Leading up to Thanksgiving, our data science and analytics teams monitored steady consumer adoption and purchase activity, leading to exciting sales and new records from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday.

Retailers set a new record for consumer adoption of personalization - total of 2.186M new True Fit profiles were created during the week of Cyber 5, a 76% increase from profile creation in 2017.


cyber5-image.jpgThe Calm Before the Cyber 5 Frenzy


True Fit’s Engineering Team began tracking shopper traffic last Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. On that day, True Fit served over 66 million page views - a 35% increase in traffic from the day before Thanksgiving in 2017. And as Thanksgiving Day continues to become a highly anticipated shopping day, the amount of page views from product description pages (PDPs) or product landing pages (PLPs) trended 30% higher than in 2017. 

Record Breaking Black Friday

Black Friday yielded immense growth across our sites, as we served more than 126 million PDP or PLP views! This is more than any single day during Cyber 5 2017. Traffic was steady throughout the day and did not drop below 100,000 page views per minute until 11:15 p.m. This means consistent levels for 14 hours straight— that’s a lot of shopping!

Personal recommendations remained consistent throughout the weekend and on Sunday night we started to see traffic rise across our network of retailers - shoppers were gearing up for Cyber Monday. There were 85,000 page views per minute on Sunday night as shoppers prepared for Cyber Monday and continued to take advantage of the Cyber 5 sales.


Cyber Monday started strong—we saw 80,000 page views from PDPs or PLPs per minute by 9 a.m. and by 12 p.m. the page views per minute topped 100,000-105,000, with 210 new True Fit registrations per minute.  During the evening, we saw over 130,000 page views per minute and 300 new True Fit registrations per minute.

Despite a big burst of traffic during the evening of Cyber Monday, Black Friday still holds the top spot for total daily pageviews, an interesting reversal over prior years.

The Power of Personalization

This data shows steady growth within the industry over the last year, and points to the importance of using personalization to power relevant shopper experiences. Our teams have worked to ensure that servers are equipped to support increasing page views and recommendations so that we can scale and grow with our retailers.

To learn more about how you can take advantage of True Fit’s capabilities to help your consumers find and keep the clothes and shoes they will love, visit www.truefit.com.