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Understanding Consumer Preferences: Co-Founder Jessica Murphy Discusses True Fit’s Technology in Interview with Cheddar

November 30, 2018

True Fit’s co-founder and Chief Customer Officer, Jessica Murphy, spoke with financial news network, Cheddar, to discuss True Fit’s use of artificial intelligence in solving the fashion industry’s largest problem— inaccurate and inconsistent product recommendations.

“We created a company, that really simply, helps people find the clothes they’ll love and want to keep,” said Murphy, “it shouldn’t be that difficult to find clothes and shoes that fit you— and fit in the broadest sense—the size fits you, it flatters you, and meets your personal tastes and style.”


Murphy further discussed the versatility of True Fit’s technology products and insights for retailers and brands. True Fit’s software is currently is live across 250 websites in The United States and across Europe. True Fit’s data and technology is used on the front-end, where the customer directly interacts with the widget, and on the back-end, where retailers can better leverage their own insights and customer analysis.

A common concern of personalization technologies across the industry is the protection of customer data. Murphy explained True Fit’s consistent mission from the start to collect non-identifiable data that translates each individual customer into a group of numbers that represents their unique preferences.

“We are sharing a broad set of information on you as a consumer, and your preferences, as well as the products and the attributes of the things that you like to ultimately buy and ultimately keep.”

You can watch the full interview here.