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Join Us for the Next Webinar: Introducing True 360 and True Insight

October 5, 2018

True Fit has organized the largest connected data set for apparel and footwear through partnerships with thousands of top brands, the world’s leading retailers, and millions of consumers.

With the recent implementation of True 360 and True Insight, retailers have gained access to this vast amount of data for the first time ever, allowing them to make more informed marketing, merchandising and product design decisions.

On Tuesday October 16th at 11am EST we will host a Webinar to introduce True Fit’s newest data powered innovations.

During the Webinar, you will discover:

  • The comprehensive set of individual shopper data, from demographics to personalized recommendations, that True 360 puts in your hands

  • The powerful dashboards included with True Insight that provide aggregated views of shopper and product trends so you can make smarter decisions

  • How both of these tools help you to create personalized and superior customer experiences across touchpoints

Join our Co-Founder, Romney Evans; Product Marketing Manager, Hannah Egan; and Senior Manager, Brand Relations, Heather Tellier to learn how these products supercharge personalized experiences across the entire shopper journey.

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