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True Confidence™

Find Your True Fit® and shop with confidence.  Help shoppers eliminate sizing guesswork and dramatically increase purchase confidence with True Fit’s patented personal fit ratings, size recommendations, and fit details all powered by the Fashion Genome.

“our partnership with True Fit is helping us communicate personally about fit and size to our customers, at scale in a way that is authentic and informed by rich data."

Graham McCulloch   |   Director Ecom Marketing & Merchandising   |   UGG.

Fit to a T®

True Confidence™ allows retailers to provide personal fit ratings, size recommendations, and fit details to their shoppers. True Confidence has been rigorously AB tested by the best retailers, independent consultants, and consistently delivers 4-8% incremental net revenue as it eliminates sizing guesswork, reduces returns, and gives consumers the confidence to purchase the things they fall in love with on your site.

Sizing Guesswork

True Confidence™ eliminates the size guessing game by providing fit recommendation for each unique shopper's body and preferences. More shoppers will convert if they feel confident in the size they are purchasing and 81% of shoppers will buy a brand again if they have a positive fit experience.

Network effect of the universal profile

Create your True Fit profile once and forever shop true to you. Then when a True Fit user is recognized via cookie or sign in on any site, they are instantly served personal recommendations. By adding True Fit on to your site you can increase the percent of known shoppers therefore enabling you to personalize to more shoppers and drive more revenue by virtue of the network effect of the millions of users who already have True Fit profiles.

Shopping for others doesn't have to be hard

Instead of struggling to determine the perfect size when shopping for a family member or significant other, shoppers can use True Fit to save other multiple profiles to their master profile. Shop for Others removes the size guessing game and lets shoppers feel confident when they are picking out items for others.  Users seamlessly toggle between viewing recommendations for themselves or for other associated profiles.

Shop for kids

Shoppers across the world are using True Fit to find products they love and ultimately keep and now they can use True Fit to help find the perfect items for the children in their lives. True Fit Kids asks shoppers three simple questions to helps parents, aunts, uncles and friends easily find the perfect styles that will keep kids happy and comfortable all day.  

Turn key user interface (SaaS)

Our out of the box UI leverages the power of the True Fit’s brand to attract new shoppers who have True Fit profiles and turn them into loyal customers.  True Fit’s creative and delivery teams have created these out of the box experiences to maximize the number of users who notice and engage with True fit, driving higher registrations and stronger performance. 

APIs for a custom UX

We understand that all retailers are different and some may require tailored experiences.  Our custom UX enable retailers to follow their branding guidelines while still embedding the power of True Fit technology right on their site.