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True Discovery™

Discover fashion true to you with AI-driven personal style rankings for individualizing any assortment, catalog, or offer; all powered by fashion’s richest data set.  

"A data platform like True Fit - it's just an absolute no brainer for us."

Brian Seewald  |  VP of Digital  |   DSW

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Personal style rankings everywhere

True Discovery™ uses True Fit shopper and product data to provide a list of style rankings that allow retailers to personalize catalogs and assortments for users.  With True Discovery enabled, shoppers will see products that are picked just for them based on what they are likely to appreciate based on their personal style preferences, rich product attributes, and a deep understanding of transaction data from across the True Fit platform.  It also considers the personal fit and size of each item in its rankings.

True Discovery’s personal style rankings are available through True Fit’s standard SaaS UX for a turn key personal experience or via APIs to incorporate into more impactful contexts and experiences.  Retailers can use these personal style rankings directly, or leverage them as inputs into homegrown models or other third party recommendations.

Product recs without
dead ends

True Discovery powers recommendations based on a shoppers’ unique preferences and size, True to You. By connecting the ranked style with its corresponding fit rating and size, retailers can reduce friction for shoppers by only displaying items that are available in a shopper's recommended size. This ensures that a shopper can quickly find products to purchase without repeatedly checking for size availability. 
Viewing your top styles

Browse & sort, true to you

True Fit boosts the best styles for shoppers to the top of the assortment, based on their personal style, fit, and size so they don't get lost navigating pages of results. This same technology enables merchants to hide or demote less relevant style. These reordered results help shoppers quickly find items they’ll love and keep.

True up every impression.

Use True Discovery APIs to make your retargeting assets dynamic and personal.  By incorporating personal style rankings, fit ratings, and size recommendations into every impression. This intelligent approach to retargeting helps draw a shopper back to your site with a personally curated assortment of new styles to fall in love with, and keep.

Email Marketing. Personal, impactful, relevant.

Mass blast emails fatigue shoppers with irrelevant offers. Use True Discovery APIs to incorporate personal style rankings, fit ratings, and size recommendations into every offer. These contextual recommendations increase a shoppers likelihood to click through and make a purchase.

Intelligent chatbots

True Fit can make your chatbot even better by helping it understand every users personal style, fit, and size so that they can be truly helpful in suggesting items the user will actually love and keep.

"Customers who use the chatbot are significantly more likely to buy product online than those who don't"

Marc Rosen | Levi Strauss Co.  | WSJ

Search that considers you personally, and not just the search term


When a shopper types “little black dress” into the search bar, retailers can leverage True Discovery APIs to rank all black dress search results in terms of style, fit, and size to resort the search results from best to worst for each individual.  These enhanced search results help shoppers quickly find items they’ll love and keep, and not just results that correlate to the search term.  

Native Apps.
Scan this!

Mobile apps with personal style rankings, fit ratings, and size recommendations can facilitate exciting new in store experiences.  Help customers successfully scan products and receive a size recommendation right in the app. This enables them to self select the right sizes and styles to take to the dressing room or confidently pick the right size and bypass the dressing room altogether.