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True 360

New customer intelligence directly to your CRM to enrich your 360 customer view and supercharge your entire personalization stack.

“We’ve already seen the power of the True Personalization Platform when our customers engage with True Fit’s recommendations on our site.  Now we’re excited to expand that benefit to every customer interaction and experience by using True 360 data directly in CRM, and have it available to our other partners and software providers to make every interaction with Kenneth Cole products more personal, more relevant.”

-TJ Papp  |  Vice President Digital and Ecommerce  |  Kenneth Cole Productions


Put your
data to work

From demographic, body, style preference, and fit data derived from True Fit’s registration data, to AI-driven brand affinity lists, to style and fit recommendations powered by our True Discovery and True Confidence algorithms, the True Fit Platform is home to a robust set of consumer data. True 360 connects these key data points around each unique shopper, creating a detailed view of every shopper so that retailers can serve them better. This data can then be integrated with a retailer's CRM to power enhanced personalization across the retailer’s entire personalization stack.


Combine the power of Confidence and Discovery
to delight your customer like never before


Make call centers revenue centers

Enable service agents to be personal shoppers and fit experts with the same access to shopper profiles and personal recommendations as the store associates, and to help them with cross sells and upsells for callers. This will increase call efficacy and increase shopper satisfaction.

True 360 to personalize the entire stack, both homegrown and third parties

By having True 360’s customer data inside your CRM or CDP, gives retailers complete flexibility to power custom experiences for all shoppers across sites, in stores and call centers, chatbots and beyond without having make outside API calls in real time.   We supply the intelligence and your team has ultimate creativity with how to use it, all without having to call an outbound service to maximize performance.


By adding True Fit data to mPOS and clienteling apps, retailers are able to empower their most valuable asset -the store associate.  Every store associate can be enabled to be a personal shopper and fit expert with curated data and intelligence for every shopper. They can then help shoppers choose the best styles and sizes efficiently. This improved customer service leads to more items sold in store.

Smart Mirror

Integrating True Fit into existing smart store technology would give shoppers the ability to use their True Fit profile for size guidance while in the dressing room or on the showroom floor. Size suggestions could even be passed to store associates for help retrieving a size in a quick manner so a shopper can find what they want faster.

Build a more
view of shoppers

Connect new consumer data from True 360 to your existing BI and analytics.

>> Learn how to build more comprehensive customer profiles and smarter marketing campaigns with True 360