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True Omni®

Enhance service experiences in store and beyond with the power of personal style rankings, fit ratings, and size recommendations.

“60% of in store purchases are web influenced.  As consumers consult digital content before, during, and after their visit, retailers must seek to proactively connect with them digitally to delight them with personally relevant, helpful content, and to stay tethered to them.”


Bring your in store customer experience to the next level

True Omni® is our initiative to bring personalization in store and beyond. This can be done by integrating our Confidence & Discovery Engine API's into existing technology like mobile apps, or clienteling platforms, or even smart dressing rooms.


By adding True Fit data to mPOS and clienteling apps, retailers are able to empower their most valuable asset -the store associate.  Every store associate can be enabled to be a personal shopper and fit expert with curated data and intelligence for every shopper. They can then help shoppers choose the best styles and sizes efficiently. This improved customer service leads to more items sold in store.

Make call centers revenue centers

Enable service agents to be personal shoppers and fit experts with the same access to shopper profiles and personal recommendations as the store associates, and to help them with cross sells and upsells for callers. This will increase call efficacy and increase shopper satisfaction.

Native Apps.
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Mobile apps with personal style rankings, fit ratings, and size recommendations can facilitate exciting new in store experiences.  Help customers successfully scan products and receive a size recommendation right in the app. This enables them to self select the right sizes and styles to take to the dressing room or confidently pick the right size and bypass the dressing room altogether.

Intelligent chatbots

True Fit can make your chatbot even better by helping it understand every users personal style, fit, and size so that they can be truly helpful in suggesting items the user will actually love and keep.

"Customers who use the chatbot are significantly more likely to buy product online than those who don't"

Marc Rosen | Levi Strauss Co.  | WSJ

Smart Mirror

Integrating True Fit into existing smart store technology would give shoppers the ability to use their True Fit profile for size guidance while in the dressing room or on the showroom floor. Size suggestions could even be passed to store associates for help retrieving a size in a quick manner so a shopper can find what they want faster.