ASICS Reports 150% Increase in Conversion Since Implementing True Fit

Screen-Shot-2017-10-19-at-10-32-46-PM.pngASICS, a True Fit customer and leading provider of athletic shoes and apparel, attended last month in Los Angeles. There, Joe Keenan, editor of Total Retail, sat down with ASICS director of e-commerce, Jason LeBoeuf and True Fit co-founder, Romney Evans to chat about the importance of fit and personalization for today's footwear market. A recording of the discussion can be found here, on Total Retail Talks.

Over the past year, ASICS saw a growing issue around fit and looked for a way to assist customers with this challenge. "Being a footwear company, fit is obviously very important. It's the major component of what we do" said Jason. The retailer turned to True Fit to solve the issue.

Why? According to ASICS, "True Fit is the leader in the market" with a wide range of footwear customers spanning the globe. "It was a no-brainer to go with the leader of the pack."

ASICS uses True Fit's personalization and data platform across its digital commerce channels. True Fit instantly gives a fit recommendation for the consumer by leveraging its vast data set for footwear and apparel. If a consumer is new to True Fit, they can quickly create a profile by answering a few general questions. The True Fit Genome™ is the largest set of connected fit and style data in the world. It’s made up of detailed product specs, and robust style attributes from millions of items and any relevant transaction data mapped to the consumer. For true one-to-one personalization, you really need to understand the details and construction behind each style and its relationship to the consumers who buy and keep them. ASICS' partnership with True Fit is showing great results; from higher shopper confidence and engagement, to increased conversion rates and fewer returns.

Jason reports a "150% plus increase to conversion from product page to cart" since implementing True Fit at ASICS, and is working on getting more consumers over to the personalization platform. 

To hear the full story about personalization challenges, balancing wholesale vs. direct-to-consumer, and what the future holds, listen to Jason and Romney in Total Retail Talks here.