Confidence When Gift Giving - True Fit’s New Shop For Others Feature

Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, back to school, the holidays; it seems like it’s always the season to shop for someone else. For those of us who go out on a limb and purchase footwear and apparel for friends and family, your online shopping experience just got a lot better. For those of you who opt for giving the gift card rather than an outfit because you’re not confident about the fit of clothes or shoes for others, you’re in luck. We’re happy to announce that purchasing apparel and footwear for friends and family just got a whole lot easier with True Fit’s newest feature, “Shop For Others.”
True Fit users can easily create additional profiles for their friends and family that will suggest the best fit, size and style for each individual. With this feature, shoppers can gain confidence when making purchases for others, and recipients become more likely to love and keep apparel and footwear gifts.

Here’s How Shop For Others Works


Creating a Profile for a Family Member or Friend:

Retailers who support this capability have the profile icon with a red “Plus Sign” next to the standard True Fit recommendation.


This gives shoppers the option to both create a profile for someone else and toggle back and forth between existing profiles. To create a new profile, click “Add a New Friend” and enter the name of the person you’re shopping for:


Shoppers are then prompted to fill in a few short questions about the person he or she is shopping for, which may include:

  • Gender
  • Categories that you’d like to receive recommendations for, like suits, dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, etc.
  • Height
  • Weight and age
  • A well-fitting or favorite piece of clothing in their closet, and it’s corresponding size and brand

To complete the profile for improved fit accuracy, you can even fill in optional details, like:

  • Stomach: is it flat, average or round?
  • Shoulders: are they narrow, average or broad?
  • Torso: is it short, average or long?
  • Bust size

And just like the traditional True Fit recommendation, a recommendation for friend or family member becomes available.
Today, we made a profile for my sister Katie – her birthday is in a few weeks and I want to get her a new dress for her birthday dinner. See below, her True Fit for the Jersey Combo Dress, based on the information I entered, is a 10. I can order Katie this dress confidently, even though she hasn't tried it on.


Saving Profiles:

I’m easily able to save her profile so I can shop for her again come the holidays!


What Our Retail Clients Are Saying:

“At Carhartt, we are excited to expand our partnership with True Fit to include Shop for Others,” said Anna Cole, Director of E-Commerce Operations, User Experience and Merchandising at Carhartt. “Our end customer is not always our shopper, and this new feature from True Fit will really benefit those consumers shopping online for gifts. We opted to launch this feature in time for our Mother’s and Father’s Day sale periods and are excited to leverage the valuable insights we’re gaining about our consumers and their behaviors.”
For more information on Shop for Others and how to get it live on your site, request a demo here:

Checkout the recent press release about the new feature.

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