Consumer Demand for Personalization as Service Benefit Rose 89% In 5 Weeks

Last week we analyzed trends from the Fashion Genome to discuss who is shopping for apparel and footwear online right now. This analysis should be used to help retailers make informed decisions to support their short term strategies around moving inventory. 


This week, we’ve analyzed additional consumer behavior trends and one has emerged as a long term strategy front runner. Shopper demand for fit personalization, which helps bridge both a customer service and personal confidence gap across online shopping, is up - way up.

Short Term Vs Long Term Fashion Retail Strategies

Right now, apparel and footwear retailers are balancing short term and long term strategies aimed at recovery from the economic downturn. Last week, we saw consumers were shopping for fashion and apparel again as the number of checkouts was up by almost 29% YoY. While AOV has room to grow, we also saw shopper engagement rates grow across all age demographics.

Now, we’re seeing shopper demand for personalization surge at unseasonably high rates. Since the week beginning March 15th, as stores began to shut their doors and shelter-in-place mandates began to span the globe, a steady climb of new True Fit users began, bringing the growth rate of new users to the True Fit platform up to 89%. x

true fit user demand

Without the option to sift through new seasonal styles in person or try clothes on in a fitting room, shoppers using True Fit can benefit from customer service-style elements and ultimately feel confident about his or her purchases.

Personalization is Not the Future, it is the Present

Solving for personalization and fit digitally, now and in the future, is a major added service benefit, as well as a growing requirement for shoppers, as their behaviors shift to ecommerce. 

When considering long term strategies on the path to retail recovery, it’s important to understand who your customers are and what they want in order to make the most informed decisions. With a strong rise in new True Fit users globally, checkouts on the rise, and increased engagement from all age demographics, it’s clear that the demand for personalization is a priority from shoppers who are looking to engage and spend.

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