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Create a Seamless Shopping Experience with Add to Bag Feature

In order to create a seamless shopping experience for shoppers, the Add to Bag capability eliminates the extra click involved in exiting the True Fit experience and adding the style to cart from the product detail page. 

Due to this feature, more shoppers are likely to add the item to cart, resulting in higher conversion and increased revenue. By making it easier to purchase, shoppers are less likely to abandon their browse session without completing a purchase. 

Adding an Item to Bag 

With the Add to Bag functionality, shoppers have the option to add a style to their cart right from the True Fit experience. The option shows up right after the consumer receives their recommended size, making the process of searching for a product, finding the best style, size and fit, and purchasing, a more seamless experience:

Add to Bag eliminates the need for a shopper to click out of the True Fit experience in order to add an item to their cart. With True Fit’s Add to Bag feature, retailers can be sure their consumers will have an uninterrupted shopping experience.