Digital Strategies That Drive Roolee's Bottom Line

Women's fast-fashion retailer Roolee caters to women's and children's fast fashion. The retailer's business is growing rapidly thanks to a hypertargeting and digital strategies and business is currently tracking up YoY, even during the pandemic. The US-based retailer partnered with True Fit recently to help grow their digital business and focus on the bottom line.


We met with Chad Meyerson, Roolee's VP Marketing, to hear how the partnership is helping the retailer grow, even during a difficult time for retail. His take? “Anything we can do as a brand to help understand the customers and give them a better experience is paramount to what we are trying to achieve.”

Read the full case study here to learn how hypertargeting using data and digital strategies are contributing to revenue lift for the retailer, as well as how the retailer:

  • gained a 16% increase to AOV
  • reduced returns by 17%
  • increased revisit rates by 231%
  • increased the number of styles visited per session by 83%

In fact, Roolee saw such positive results from registered True Fit shoppers that they are actively encouraging more of their shopper base to register in order to gain a more personalized experience. Read the case study here to see how shoppers reacted to the sweepstakes.