Drapers Digital Festival Recap: Data-Driven Personalization and the Future of Retail

Drapers held their annual Digital Festival yesterday in London. This year's theme was all about personalization as the future of retail. We had the privilege of talking on stage with Marcelle Parrish, ecommerce President at Ralph Lauren, about how her team works with data to improve their relationships with customers.


IMAGE SOURCE: Drapers Awards


Drapers online covered the session, citing Marcelle as saying “working with data is ‘tough’, but commented that data is critical when it comes to Ralph Lauren’s strategy of connecting with consumers: ‘Our vision is to bring Ralph to life in a digital eco-system – making sure that we connect in a way that feels right for them.’”
Collecting such data from customers sets the stage for personalized experiences, and allows retailers like Ralph Lauren to consider each customer as unique. It’s a model other industries have followed, think about media with Netflix and Pandora, and retail is no exception. According to Drapers, True Fit CEO, Bill Adler said “The $2 trillion apparel and footwear market will be opened up by personalization – by customers being able to receive suggestions that are true to themselves.”


IMAGE SOURCE: Drapers Awards


Well said – we think it’s clear after the festival, that the future of personalization in retail depends on data collection and using that data to connect people with the fashion they love. Schedule a demo today to see how True Fit can help you use the right data to create rich, personal shopping expereinces.