E-Influence: Digital’s Role in Offline Sales

Webrooming is when consumers research products and styles online before making a purchase at a store location. The growth of online and mobile shopping has contributed to this behavior, enticing consumers to browse both price points and designers prior to making a shopping trip to the mall. According to a 2014 eMarketer report, 78 percent of consumers browse online before heading in-store to make a purchase. Even with the increase in online shopping, this phenomenon doesn’t seem to be slowing down. By 2021, web is expected to influence 46 percent of offline sales, growing by 8.6 percent year-over-year. Sucharita Mulpuru, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester, commented in True Fit’s “The Future of Personalization” video series on the depth of web’s influence and how apparel and footwear sales in-store are four times greater than online.


To expand on this topic, True Fit examined the growth of “e-influence” in our latest infographic. We too have discovered that more and more consumers are influenced by what they see online when making purchases in-store. In 2013, one in six consumers had a digital interaction with a brand before buying in-stores and by 2016, the number increased to four in six. In-store mobile use is one of consumers’ go-to shopping strategies today. However, mobile is no longer just for price comparisons; it can be used to provide information on apparel in stock and recommendations on certain sizes and fit. That said, in order to have a mobile presence that positively influences consumers to buy, brands and retailers must first deliver confidence. Confidence starts at the brand level and can be supported with technology like True Fit. For example, consumers can browse apparel and footwear online or via mobile devices in-store to discover looks that fit and flatter their personal style and body shape. This not only makes for a happy shopper, but it also helps secure a sale for the retailer or brand.

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