Here’s a Quick Way Find Out if Your Shoppers Need Fit Guidance

DigitalCommerce360 reports that more than two-thirds of shoppers are buying online for the first time and more than half are spending more online. True Fit data reports retailer web traffic continually rise YoY, as well as a surge in shopper demand for personalization. So retailers, how can you tell if your shoppers - many of who may be new to your brand(s) - want guidance with shopping digitally? A simple indication is to check the traffic to your size chart page – has it risen recently? If so, this is a good indication that your shoppers are engaged and looking for assistance with fit and personalization.

How to Empower Shopper Confidence

Perhaps you have identified an uptick in traffic to sizing charts and therefore an opportunity to recommend to your shoppers the right size and styles in order to improve their shopping experience. McKinsey reports on a strategy to reset the customer experience - “bring an in-store feel to the digital experience.” How do shoppers choose what sizes and styles fit them best when shopping in stores? Usually by trying clothes on in a fitting room.

Several of True Fit’s retail partners, like men’s premium clothing retailer Rodd and Gunn and premium denim brand Joe’s Jeans are using True Fit to help shoppers determine their best fit and size online, like virtual fitting room, and prompting their shoppers to use True Fit right from within size charts.

True Fit virtual fitting customer joes jeans.png

Higher Confidence Leads to Improved Conversion Rates

Introducing True Fit on the size chart helps drive hesitant shoppers towards a more confident shopping experience. Both Rodd and Gunn and Joe’s Jeans chose to add the capability to the master size chart after identifying this step in the shopper journey as one that may yield friction. Assisting shoppers who landed on this page can be a fruitful opportunity.

When a shopper registers for True Fit, the shopper receives guidance in the form of a data-driven size or style recommendation, that ultimately improves his or her confidence in choosing the best items that they will love and keep.

Rodd and Gunn and Joe’s Jeans see much higher conversion from shoppers registered for True Fit - 149% and 178% higher conversion rates, respectively. More than 30% of Rodd and Gunn shoppers currently see True Fit recommendations as do more than 25% of Joe’s Jeans shoppers, and 74% of True Fit shoppers at Joe’s Jean receive instant recommendations from traveling or returning profiles.

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