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Consumers today are empowered, engaged and impatient. The new age consumer is engaged at all times but at the same time, never fully engaged or committed to one thing. This consumer is a great opportunity for the apparel and footwear industry but they expect to be presented with the right products at the right time and for the right price.

So how can the apparel and footwear industry serve this new consumer to compete with data-driven digitally native brands? They can put their rich, existing data to work!

"Depending on the degree of personalisation offered, analytics tools are critical in matching the right customer to the right outcome.”

A recent study by Deloitte found that “the growing use of analytics means that product and service providers are getting better at knowing what customers want—and do not want—and are adapting their operations to respond accordingly. Depending on the degree of personalisation offered, analytics tools are critical in matching the right customer to the right outcome.”

Personalisation technologies have never been more relevant for retailers that are competing for the consumer’s attention. These technologies engage the customer immediately, encourage their consumption in new categories and ultimately create brand fans!

WWD article references the same Deloitte study to address how personalisation is on the rise even in the luxury shopping experience. “Among luxury brands, a one-size-fits-all approach was thought to be needed in order to support global growth. However, that same study found that such a strategy does not in fact resonate with the changing consumer base—45 percent of respondents want personalised products and services. As the U.S. luxury market continues to underperform, retailers need to take a long, hard look at how to use the data in their backyard to create true personalisation.”


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Every brand has the DNA and data to serve customers a world class experience. Leverage your brand’s existing data today to delight your current and new customers. Whether its fabrication, placement of a zipper or the thread color on a pair of jeans, no detail is too small. Product details translate into data and can be connected to consumer preference data to bring personalization to life. Brands that partner with us and share product data including garment specifications, fit model measurements and product attributes, are given access to customer insights about their customers and those customers buy more and return less.

True Fit is helping thousands of brands today from fast fashion to luxury  put their product data to work in True Fit’s fashion data collective, called the Genome. Your data can be part of the largest data-collective set for fit and style,  made up of detailed product specs and robust style attributes from millions of items. Join the data collective we’ve built alongside the industry’s greatest brands and retailers! Contact us today at to learn how.