Journeys Uses True Fit to Improve Brand Engagement and Lower “Abandon Cart” Rate

Journeys Knows Their Shoppers

As a retail leader in ecommerce and digital transformation, Journeys looked to True Fit to help them improve the online shopping experience. Journeys wanted its shoppers to feel like the retailer knew them, by offering personalized fit and size recommendations. Journeys partnered with True Fit to bring new shoppers onto the True Fit platform to ensure that shoppers were able to shop with confidence, that their purchases would fit to a “T”.

Getting Shoppers to Use True Fit for Personalization

Journeys1.jpgRegistered True Fit shoppers buy more and return less; in fact retailers who offer shoppers enhanced experiences through connected data, like Journeys, find that shoppers view 2x – 3x more styles per session, AOV increases by 20% and revisit rates increase by 25%.
In order to bring personalization to as many shoppers as possible, Journeys launched an integrated campaign aimed to increase their registered True Fit user adoption. The campaign, which touches multiple points along the shopper journey, encourages shoppers to make a True Fit profile to ensure they will love and keep their purchase. The number of shoppers who registered for True Fit doubled on the day of the campaign.


Using True Fit to Re-engage with Shoppers Who Abandoned Cart


Journeys is also using True Fit to help re-engage with shoppers who have abandoned their carts. The number one reason shoppers hesitate to complete an order is because of unsure fit, so by connecting hesitant shoppers to True Fit’s fit recommendation engine that takes into account each shoppers personal preference, Journeys is able to address and mitigate that behavior.

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