Moosejaw Tackles Size Sampling, Lowers Fit-Related Return Rate by 24%

Outdoor recreation retailer Moosejaw has focused on building an online presence over the past few years. The retailer began working with True Fit during this ecommerce expansion in order to gain valuable insight into the behavior of their consumers, and to help them have a positive shopping experience.

iphone-blog-post2.jpg"Size sampling rates declined 24% over a 1-year period at Moosejaw"


With this partnership, True Fit has helped Moosejaw identify customer trends and ultimately lower their return rate by personalizing online experiences to the individual customer.

Take a look at the case study to learn how Moosejaw used True Fit to lower size sampling return rates by 24% over the past year, and change consumer behavior to reflect a 34% drop in size samplers overall.