Next Level Loyalty: How Review Is Using True Fit to Really Know Their Customer

Review, the women’s fashion retailer based in Australia, has cultivated a very loyal following. In fact, 70% of their shopper base participates in loyalty programming.

Their shopper, who is primarily female aged 25 - 45 can follow – or join – an influencer community built around the brand using the hashtag #ReviewGirl. Some 900 qualified “Review Girls” make their own choice to promote the brand via social media to help spread the word about new items, share styling tips and generate engagement with the brand.

This level of customer loyalty is rare and may in fact be a more aspirational approach to some retailers rather than a reality. But this is just one element of Review’s loyalty strategy – the retailer has not stopped there. The retailer is taking loyalty to the next level by elevating the customer experience with the help of True Fit.


Generating Loyalty Through Digital Experiences

Review partnered with True Fit with the goal of elevating the shopper journey in plan, especially as more shoppers came online. This goal would lead to an excellent brand experience and ultimately, generate more loyal shoppers. Review wanted to help shoppers feel as confident as possible with their purchases across every digital channel while maintaining the level of ease that they experience while shopping in stores.
The retailer began to promote the True Fit platform to shoppers during all points of their journey with the notion of “No Dressing Room, No Problem.” They nudged shoppers to register for True Fit from their homepage, throughout their website, on Instagram via email marketing, all in an effort to generate loyalty.

Post-promotion analysis found that 44% of all shoppers who checked out were True Fit users. Conversion rates for these True Fit shoppers are 280% higher than non-True Fit shoppers, and True Fit provided a 2.54% incremental revenue increase sitewide. That translates into hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue lift for the retailer, from engaging shoppers. In addition, shoppers using True Fit view 120% more styles than shoppers who are not, leading to higher AOV and UPT.

Understanding Shoppers Individually Leads to Loyalty

One of the best features for Review’s shopper cohort? Instant profiles – when the customer is logged into their Review account, True Fit recognizes them and instantly offers a size recommendation based on past purchase history.

“Instant profiles” demonstrates to the shopper that the retailer “knows” who each individual is – what her fit preference is like, what styles or colors she gravitates towards, etc. Shoppers continually come back to retailers who have a simple experience but also feel like they are understood. And when a shopper feels understood on the individual level, loyalty happens.

To find your True Fit on Review while shopping for beautiful, feminine and vintage-inspired clothes and shoes, visit here.

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