Retailers Can Anticipate a 2x Conversion Increase, 24% Higher Click Through Rate and More with Instant Profiles

With instant profiles, consumers who have shopped at a retailer previously are automatically created a True Fit profile so they can receive personally curated recommendations, instantly. 

Instant profiles ensure more consumers automatically see a size recommendation, which increases the likelihood that the consumer will convert. For some retailers, conversion rates have increased by as much as 150% from product page to cart. In turn, increased conversion rates also lead to greater revenue for retailers.

This also enables the retailer’s ability to drive True Fit adoption for a broader set of consumers. Since True Fit consumers convert more than non-True Fit consumers, retailers can anticipate more benefits through a higher adoption of True Fit. 



What are Instant Profiles?

Instant profiles are created when a consumer arrives on a retailer’s site with True Fit and does not have True Fit profile, but is recognized as a repeat purchaser by the retailer. True Fit can automatically create a profile based on the consumer’s past purchase history, and make recommendations based on the consumer’s preferences

Profiles can be created if a consumer is looking at a style in the category that they have previously purchased from. For example, if a consumer frequently purchases denim from your site and he or she does not have a True Fit profile, an instant profile will be created the next time the consumer visits to your site and browses for a new pair of denim. Recommendations are made based on their previous transaction history. 

With instant profiles, retailers can ensure more consumers receive personalized style, fit, and size recommendations. In doing so, retailers can also anticipate increase consumer confidence, conversion, and loyalty.