Retailers: Mind if We Get Personal?

girls-pic.jpgOver the last few weeks, as we explore the shortcomings of averages to predict fit, the importance of approaching consumers as individuals – not averages – has emerged as a key strategy to creating online retail experiences in line with what today’s shoppers expect.

There are a few questions all retailers need to ask about their personalization strategy, and how it's working for or against their customer satisfaction and loyalty. Ready retailers

Do you rely on the “median” to predict what will work for the largest sector of customers?

Are you using crude height and weight measurements to determine size and fit? 

Is crowdsizing – and resulting size sampling – contributing to higher product return rates?

Do you wish data could help you make better, more individualized product recommendations?


Answered yes to any of these questions? It may be time to begin creating 1-to-1 shopping experiences to see how an improved, personalized experience leads to greater sales, increased loyalty and reduced returns.Download our Flaw of Averages whitepaper for more insights on the importance of implementing an above-and-beyond average data strategy.