Shop outside of the box: Savvy solutions for style explorers

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 11.33.43 AMFashion is all about finding new things to love and discovering styles that compliment your favorite pieces. Digital fashion solutions create new channels that drive shoppers to online retailers, helping consumers uncover new brands and styles outside of their regular go-to labels and looks. Check out a few websites and apps that are influencing the way we shop.  Sometimes the inspiration happens when you're out and about. Snag eyecatching street style by snapping a pic with the ASAP 54 app to find similar styles online with the help of visual recognition software and a team of in-house stylists.


Fashion editors travel the world to report on runways, trade shows and street style, to create shoppable trend reports that reflect what's going on in the fashion world at large. A few great ones to explore and buy from are and WhoWhatWear.


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Once you know what you're after, apps like the Hunt help find what you're looking for with with hashtags to search for pieces that fit the bill. Working with a stylist like Urban Darling or Nordstrom's in-house team of Personal Stylists is another way to get the look.

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Once you've got the pieces that comprise a perfect wardrobe – a basis of basics and seasonally updated trend-right pieces – keep it organized and easy to wear with blogs like The Wardrobe Update and apps like Stylebook that intuitively lay out wardrobe planning.

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 Which tools do you use to find fashion, shop the trends and update your wardrobe?