True Partners: True Fit and Bamboo Rose Partner to Bridge Gaps in Product Development

The product development process is challenging for designers and developers who are tasked with creating products in an era where customers expect to find the exact styles, silhouettes, colors, and fabrics that they want, instantaneously. 


One way retailers are looking to deliver to their expectations of their consumers, is through data. That’s why we’ve partnered with Bamboo Rose—a leading Multi Enterprise PLM and supply chain platform that helps brands get the right products to market at the right time and for the right price.

With a highly interoperable platform, retailers can get creative with how they cross analyze Bamboo Rose data and additional enterprise data to drive value in areas like operations and customer experience. Combined with our connected dataset, retailers gain access to detailed style, fit, and technical attributes to style preferences and buying behaviors of individual shoppers. In short, retailers can be sure consumers buy the right size and style every time.

The Partnership

Customers can automatically drive tech pack data from the Bamboo Rose Multi-Enterprise Platform into the True Fit Fashion Genome, which powers the True Discovery Platform. This then allows brands and retailers to provide their customers the critical information necessary to navigate the online shopping experience. 

Through this partnership, retailers are able to apply these essential insights to the cutting-edge space of AI-supported fashion personalization and customers will be able to reduce the rate of returns from clothing purchased online. 

Retailers are continually pushing for data-driven strategy and personalization initiatives, and we anticipate our partnership with Bamboo Rose will help guide the product development process. 

Want to learn about some of our other technology partners? Watch this demo video to learn how Passage AI and True Fit are offering seamless style, size, and fit recommendations to shoppers, through the use of chat.

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