True Stories: Eric Wazana, President of Second Denim Co and Yoga Jeans™

Proudly made in Canada, the woman-friendly Second Denim Co / Yoga Jeans creates styles that are as comfortable as they are versatile. True Fit spoke with President Eric Wazana about his history, his inspiration and what makes a great fit. 

1488831-eric-wazana-pdg-fondateur-yoga How did you get started in the fashion business and how has the industry changed since? 
My love of fashion was apparent ever since I was a little kid. Every year on the first day of school, my mother would buy me a brand new pair of jeans. I remember the look on her face when I would start ripping and scuffing them up until it had the perfect vintage look. Putting my own spin on fashion came naturally, and I knew that this was something I wanted to pursue as an adult. I decided to concentrate on women’s denim because there was nothing on the market that could provide comfort, style and fit at a reasonable price point. So my brother and I partnered up and began researching and developing a revolutionary new pair of jeans, and soon after, Yoga Jeans™ was born. The industry has changed significantly since then. Stretch denim is now widely available, and comfortable, stylish jeans are more accessible than ever before. However, fit and comfort are not yet synonymous in the world of denim. Women still have to choose between a jean that flatters their figure or a jean that is comfortable to wear all day long. This is apparent in the increased popularity of women wearing yoga pants, a glorified sweat pant. But Yoga Jeans™ brings the best of both worlds together, a stylish and comfortable pair of jeans that fits a women like a glove. 
 What makes for a perfect fit? Which pieces do your customers turn to again and again?
Perfect fit isn’t hard to find as long as you know how to shop for your body type. Since every women’s body is unique, our jeans are available in a wide variety of styles that will flatter all body types. If you aren’t sure about which style to choose, you should try on a few different styles. You’ll know you’ve found the perfect fit when you look in the mirror and feel good inside and out. We truly believe that when you look good, you feel good! Jeans are a wardrobe staple for every woman, but a skinny black jean will always be in constant rotation. It can transition from day to night in a snap and pairs well with anything and everything! This style has been our bestseller for years, and since it’s timeless, it will always be woman’s best friend. 
How would you describe your style? What inspires you to do the work you do? 
My priority when it comes to style is comfort. I go crazy if I am constantly adjusting a tie or fixing a cuff on my sleeve. I like to keep it simple. I draw my inspiration from my travels around the world and seeing how different cultures express themselves through fashion. Even countries such as Bangladesh that have suffered devastating tragedies as a result of the garment industry have inspired me to continue manufacturing locally. With the rise of globalization, it is critical to expand our focus past our own borders and analyze our impact here and abroad. 
What are some of the mistakes people make when shopping for clothes? 
When people shop, they often look for clothes that are either affordable or fit properly. In an ideal world, proper fit would be the main priority for all consumers. But in reality, price is a huge factor for shoppers. That is why we created a jean that provides incredible fit at a reasonable price. Shoppers make the mistake of thinking they must compromise one or the other, and that’s simply not true.

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What’s your style mantra this season? Which pieces/silhouettes are your must-haves? 

This season is all about getting back to basics. Blue denim is dominating spring in an array of different shades and styles. The boyfriend jean is still, more than ever, a must have. It’s perfect because it’s trendy, yet versatile. They look good with both heels and flats, so you can dress them up or down however you like. We like to make style effortless, and give shoppers the freedom to have a little fun with their wardrobe this season.