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True Stories: Garment Technologist & Pattern Cutter Maike Gunther of Izabel London

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Versatile. Affordable. Wearable. Izabel London’s trend-right, runway-inspired looks are designed to make every woman look and feel amazing, day to night – at a price that's even easier to love. We caught up with the brand’s garment technologist and pattern cutter, Maike Gunther to talk about her path in the industry – how things have changed, and how seeing great fitting looks inspires her to be even better at what she does. 

How did you get started in the fashion business and how has the industry changed? I started my career as an apprentice for two years with a manufacturer then went on to university to study garment technologies for another three years. The Industry has changed in regards of quality and fit. When I started, the focus was on achieving the best possible fit and using good materials that last. Today's fashion is fast and is losing its quality.

What makes for a perfect fit? Which items do you turn to again and again?  By just looking at a garment I can tell if it was made by a skilled pattern cutter, and if so, I would wear such items the most.

How would you describe your style? My style is casual and on occasion – elegant. I am passionate about pattern-cutting and the perfect fit, seeing a garment that fits well makes me try even harder to achieve the same.

What some of the mistakes people make when shopping for clothes?  They don't care much about the fit, clothes often are either too big or too small for the wearer and the shape they are buying is often not the right one for their body shape.

What do you see for the future of fashion – particularly related to the way people shop online?  People will want to shop online but unless the fitting process gets more sophisticated, too many items will be returned and customers lose interest in certain brands.