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Use True Fit While Shopping Via Mobile

Want to offer your consumers a more convenient shopping experience? By adding True Fit into the mobile app experience, consumers can access style, fit and size recommendations in the palm of their hands, wherever they are, and at any time.

Mobile App Integration

mobileweb_iphoneTrue Fit can be added to a retailer’s mobile experience in multiple ways: in the native app, through scanning apps, and on mobile web integration. 

In the native mobile app. True Fit has Software Development Kits (SDKs) that simplify the process of adding style, fit and size recommendations into the mobile app experience.

True Fit can also integrate with apps that have scanning functionality. With this feature, consumers who have True Fit profiles automatically see their size recommendations after scanning a style in store. This enables consumers to see recommendations while browsing in-store, which increases satisfaction and confidence.

The specific look and feel of the mobile app integration and the True Fit experience depend on how the retailer’s mobile app is configured. For many, True Fit can be integrated into the shopping experience via the product detail page and beyond.