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How True Insight Helps Your Brand Expand Business Views Beyond Your Direct Site

insight_bulletin.jpgConsumers expect relevant personalization wherever they interact with a particular brand. They expect brands and retailers to understand their likes and dislikes no matter how quickly their shopping preferences change. For brands looking to keep up with fast moving shoppers, their direct-to-consumer channel is more valuable than ever. This channel gives them the ability to develop strong relationships with their consumer base and own the data that helps them bring value  to that consumer over time. 

While a fuller margin business will always be attractive to a brand, a multi-channel strategy is important for new customer acquisition. The ability to create a story that the consumer connects with as well as an experience that brings them back is executed with far less margin of error in the direct-to-consumer channel. 

True Insight gives product development, merchants, marketing, and sales teams access to data that helps them compare the consumer who shops for their brand on their direct website to the consumer who shops for their brand at department stores. 

Compare Demographics

What is the age, size distribution, and shape of a brand’s shoppers at department stores versus that brand’s shoppers on their direct website? How should the team allocate products and sizes for the wholesale channel based on this data? Historical sales data helps inform this, but knowing the shopper shape powers more intelligent decision-making for merchandising and planning. 


Compare Purchase Behavior

Data that gives brands visibility into their shoppers’ price, brand, and category affinity helps them understand new opportunities in a category. Perhaps the brand produces trousers at a competitive price point that the department store has never carried or bought into, but the data shows that the consumer is buying similar trousers from a different brand at a higher price point. Now the brand has evidence to bring to that retailer to expand into their trouser category.


Compare Trends

A brand might find that a different audience shops for their styles at department stores versus their direct channel.  They want to understand what are the attributes within their style assortment that are driving their consumers to purchase in each channel? Maybe their direct consumers are more trend-driven and want to be presented with unique and on-trend pant leg shapes, but their department store consumers buy into legacy and replenishment styles. 

Access to this data may also reveal that the department store buyer is playing it too safe and not buying into enough trend options from the brand’s newest line of products. If the brand sales team presents this data to the buyer, they plan better, which leads to a stronger performance for the upcoming season.

Compare Fit and Returns

Fit-related returns might be lower for a brand’s consumers that shop directly at their website because the shoppers are more acquainted with fit and fabrication from past purchases. Fit and returns data is often not readily available to brands from the wholesale channels they work with. True Fit’s Insight dashboards help brands benchmark their fit and returns for the wholesale channel and work on ways the retailer communicates fit and sizing for their brand.


Many brands that were defined by their presence in department stores are moving into direct-to-consumer selling, but need data about their wholesale shoppers to shape their design and merchandising strategies for their direct business. Brands with access to data about their shoppers in multiple channels helps connect more consumers to more products wherever they shop for the brand!

Contact a member of our Brand Relations team at brandrelations@truefit.com for more information on expanding your direct and wholesale channels.