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How do you know what technology is really working on your site?

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Choosing which tools to add to your website to create the best overall customer experience is increasingly difficult. How do these tools really work? How can you tell which tool will help you maximize your return on technology investment? The simple answer—testing.

True Fit partnered with Brooks Bell, the leading A/B testing optimization agency, to help retailers navigate the ecosystem of tools and platforms to ultimately make better decisions.

This recent whitepaper describes the importance of building tests to evaluate and verify technology ROI. With 10 easy steps, you can determine which tools are worth the cost and resources. The paper helps you:

  • Understand and manage the engagement with vendors
  • Develop a strategy for test implementation and deployment
  • Ensure the technology vendor test is set up properly
  • Determine the course for analysis and reporting

To validate the importance of testing, True Fit was tested with a well-known fashion retailer to help it overcome several challenges on its webpage, including load time and differences in implementation techniques. Once the test was complete, the results were fantastic: It “was able to demonstrate — with analytical integrity — that the ultimate value of True Fit’s platform was in getting shoppers to feel confident in completing orders.” In addition, True Fit provided a 5.2% lift in net incremental revenue.

Learn more by downloading the whitepaper to understand the 10 steps to build fair and reliable tests.

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