How Lululemon Prioritized Fit to Launch Footwear

With the help of True Fit's size guidance technology, Lululemon has launched a women's shoe line offering fit confidence for all exercise styles.

September 15, 2022

In late July, Lululemon introduced the Chargefeel, the second shoe in their footwear line, which debuted after the Blissfeel in March of this year. 

“Footwear is the natural next step for us to expand and apply our long history of innovation in fit, feel and performance, and it represents an exciting moment for our brand,” said Lululemon CEO Calvin McDonald. “We are entering the footwear category the same way we built our apparel business—with products designed to solve unmet needs, made for women first.”

Lululemon shifted the focus from being solely on the shoes to the people wearing them when developing this footwear collection, their official press release states. The brand’s history, and its research and understanding of how women uniquely move and want to feel, are the foundation for its approach to footwear and its vision for the category.


The new Chargefeel is available in a low or mid cut, and is a cross between a running sneaker and a trainer. The Restfeel (an elevated slide) and Strongfeel (a multi-directional trainer) shoes are expected to be released by Lululemon later this year, officially completing their line of four women’s footwear options.

This successful category expansion was named the brand’s most notable product innovation this year, by Footwear News.

True Fit partnered with Lululemon to help them communicate the fit of their new footwear category to shoppers, giving these shoppers the confidence to convert. This was important to Lululemon because:

  • Customer satisfaction is core to the brand. So much time and research went into designing the fit and function of their footwear line. Solving size was the last piece to communicating how the design of the fit translates to each unique shopper, which translates into brand loyalty. 
  • They knew there could be a risk of high ecommerce returns in launching their new category if they did not give shoppers the right personalization tools and fit guidance to determine their size.

Explore Lululemon’s new women’s shoe line today using True Fit’s size recommendation solution, and experience the utmost comfort, support and style. Did you know that you can now shop with True Fit at Lululemon in the UK, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Luxembourg Switzerland, France, New Zealand, Japan, Korea and Spain?